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Semesters FAQs

October 7, 2021
All your Semesters questions answered…  (Well, kind of. You guys have lots of questions!)   Team Leaders: You will have 1 or 2 team leaders (depending on the size of your team – if your team is 10+ you will likely have 2 leaders). Team leaders are Adventures alumni who have been on Semesters or World Race trips as a participant. In order to lead they must fill out an application, submit references, and go through a few interview rounds. They range in age from 20s to 30s. Their role is to disciple you, pour into you, love you, and lead you! (In addition to handling all the logistics and taking you to the hospital if you get sick…aka the fun stuff!) They have all the answers to life’s problems. NOT. They won’t always get it right – they are human, they wi…

Dates and Deadlines

October 6, 2021
Important Dates & Final Deadlines:  July 2022    First 9 Weeks of Commitment Complete your Map to Support-Raising Success   March 18, 2022 Last call to apply for / renew passport  *Beyond now, you must “expedite”   March 28, 2022 25% of your support goal met * Check out the Fundraising tab of your profile to see your fundraising total   April 19, 2022 Passport Upload Deadline Ensure your profile is complete    April 27, 2022 Releases & Reference forms due – medical, counselor, mentor * If applicable, we have spoken with you   May 6, 2022 50% of your support goal met * Must be reflecting on fundraising summary * Checks mailed by April 2…

Expectations of a Racer (Semesters 101)

October 5, 2021
Attached are the Expectations of a Racer attending an international Semesters trip. (Domestic participants will get a domestic-specific version closer to your trip!) You will want to review the expectations to understand what your expectations are while on the field.    Topics included in the Expectations:  Life on the field Health Communication Budget Safety Dress Code Semesters Commitment     Reach out to your Admissions Advisor if you have any questions!

A Few Things to Know About Your Profile!

October 4, 2021
We are so excited that you have committed to this journey! There will be lots of moving pieces to help you prepare well, and your profile will be one of the most valuable resources. Here are some things we need you to handle at the beginning of your preparation process.   1. A Profile Picture This is just one aspect that helps us get to know you before actually meeting you! This is where your Adventures profile picture comes in (this is different than the picture on your personal blog). Here’s what you need to do:    1. Log onto your Adventures profile    2. Go to Edit Profile (upper right corner)    3. Upload a headshot       – Your photo should be a clear picture of only you from the shoulders up …

Welcome to Semesters!

October 3, 2021
Welcome to the launch blog!   This launch blog is your inside track to your Semesters Trip as you prepare to be launched onto the international mission field with your squad for 3 months.  Leading up to your launch date we’ll be sharing stuff here that you want and need to know.  You share this blog with all other Semesters trips launching this semester, so as you read future posts, be sure you are reading info that applies to your specific squad.    You will want to SUBSCRIBE YOURSELF to this blog!   To do that, simply enter in your email address or phone number in the box under the heading “Subscribe for Updates.” Subscribing to the blog will ensure that you receive up to date and accurate information as soon as it is released and eliminate th…